Wellness Telecom is guided by the vision of building a better, more efficient and connected world with our technological solutions.

Wellness Telecom Group

Wellness Telecom is a company that specializes in New Technologies for Telecommunications, offering solutions to its customers by providing guidance throughout the project lifecycle, from design to maintenance and support.

The engine that powers Wellness Telecom is the pursuit of groundbreaking technological solutions to improve the communication of people through INNOVATION.

Each sector is unique and requires a solution tailored to its specific needs. To do this, Wellness Telecom has technological expertise in providing each client with analysis and advice needed to address their real demands.

The Wellness Telecom Group comprises the Systems, Networking and Cloud, subsidiary, the company that specializes in solutions for smart cities – Smart Cities & Wellness Solutions – and a delegation office in Mexico DF – WTelecom Mexico -.



Work Philosophy


We adapt to changes in a market in constant motion offering the most convenient solutions to meet the needs and expectations of each customer through continuous innovation.


We are fully engaged with each customer thoroughly guiding them through their evolution and technological improvement process.


We have the knowledge and expertise in the most disruptive technologies on the market needed for tackling projects in diverse sectors such as oil & gas, utilities, education, telco, government and public administration, distribution and supply, etc.


We have created a network of partners to deliver the best solutions and services while helping our customers deploy technologies that help increase their competitiveness and efficiency.

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