Wellness Telecom specializes in migration consulting through various services:

Migration to Office 365

To give employees the freedom to work when and where they need to, using their favorite devices, can increase productivity, simplify group collaboration and help them better balance their personal life with work.

  • With Office 365, you can now perform equally out of the office and inside, using the most popular Microsoft tools.
  • With Office 365 you can provide access to company email, file sharing, and online meetings from anywhere, without compromising security.


  • The most current Office applications enable customers to create, edit, and share from their PC / Mac or iOS, Android or Windows device with anyone in real time.
  • You will always be guaranteed 99.9% uptime with financial support
  • Integration with Active Directory.


We rely on Microsoft Azure technology to provide public, private and hybrid cloud services. Gartner has described it as a leader in the IaaS and PaaS industry because of the huge collection of integrated services it offers: processing, storage, data, and network applications.


  • Ready for hybrid use
  • Open and flexible
  • Always operational, ready to work
  • Economical and scalableListo para un uso híbrido.

Secure Backup as a Service

Data is the most important component of any organization, which is why producing backup copies for safekeeping is a key task in a business strategy

Secure Backup is based on Azure technology and is a simple yet robust service that allows users to backup in the cloud:

  • Unified solution for local and cloud data protection.
  • 99.9% uptime and Geo-replication guaranteed.
  • Reliable destination for remote backups.
  • Efficient incremental backups.
  • Security and encryption of active and inactive data.S

Secure Backup is an alternative that is consistent with tape that provides considerable cost savings, shorter recovery times, and up to 99 years of storage.


  • Data backups created ​​are safe when they are active and inactive.
  • Data backups are kept in geographically replicated storage.
  • Service availability of 99.9%.
  • Efficient use of both network and disk. Once the initial propagation is completed, only incremental changes are sent at a predefined frequency.

Site Recovery as a Service

Site Recovery helps you protect critical applications by coordinating replication and recovery of physical or virtual machines.

Arrange for the protection of your applications to guarantee a simplified disaster recovery.

With this technology, you can produce the replication in your own data center or in Azure’s to avoid the expense and complexity of creating and managing a secondary location


  • Protection and automatic replication of virtual machines.
  • Remote status monitoring.
  • Customizable recovery plans.
  • Test recovery plans without impacts.
  • Organized recovery when it is needed.