Comprehensive security

Because Wellness Telecom specializes in IT services and new technologies, the security services in our catalog respond to newly detected gaps in security. Our advanced services are capable of covering the entire security cycle, from prevention to a response when dealing with today’s computing security threats and vulnerabilities.

Porfolio CyberSecurity

New landscape

Companies operate in a digital environment with increasing IT security threats that are ever changing. These cyber threats have created a new set of challenges for CIOs. Due to this, having a security system to protect organisations assets is more important than ever.

Additionally, the rise of BYOD work practices and trends like the Internet of Things (IoT) lead to other vulnerabilities affecting a larger number of devices.

Security incident control is critical to not compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of an organization information. It is also crucial to avoid the impact that a security attack has on business, including the damage to corporate image and reputation.

Our Solutions

CyberSecurity Services

Why choose Wellness Telecom?

  • We have extensive experience in operation and management of CERTs (Computer Emergency Response Team).
  • We conduct work based on methodologies in the sector.
  • We have a global perspective of the technology landscape.
  • We are experts in security and networking.