Network Management is a comprehensive and managed service comprised of the entire infrastructure and the services that make up a corporate network.


  • Provide global visibility of the entire network
  • Provide detailed information on each one of its elements (routers, switches, firewalls, APM, etc.)
  • Propose corrective action recommendations on the use of the corporate network.

Other salient features include: Links monitoring (LAN and WAN), corrective and preventive maintenance, and technical as well as executive reports to support decision-making.

How does it work?

This service is based on a platform developed by Wellness Telecom which gathers all services and network-infrastructure information, stores it in a Big Data database structure, performs analytical processing (OLAP) and correlation of all metrics, and offers the user a single console to access all the information on their network.

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Proprietary technology

The platform’s customization capability in order to adapt to each client’s situation, is one of the elements of added value ​​provided by this Wellness Telecom proprietary technology. Besides the basic functionality offered by the platform- network monitoring, links management capacity, availability analysis, etc.-, custom modules can be deployed for integrating infrastructure (appliances from different manufacturers) and client services.

Network management