Andeltec is the Technological Center of Plastics, is located in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. This national center of technology is certified by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, it is enrolled in the registry of agents of the Andalusian knowledge system, and associated with the Network of Technological Spaces in Andalusia.

It offers advance technological services, development of projects IDI and specialized training in order to improve the competitiveness of the sector. Andaltec has facilities of more than 10,000m2 which are physical-chemical laboratories and dimensional metrology and several simulators of tunnels, roads, and photometry.

The Project

After a study and consulting customized by the company, both parties decided by the construction of a converged data center based on an architecture FlexPod, that product developed between Cisco and NetApp. This solution includes a few servers for the treatment and processing of information along with an Ontap platform for the management of data storage.

Completing the installation process, virtually all servers of the application and file system are based on the technology of FlexPod, thus taking full advantage of the processing capacity of the infrastructure and the robustness in managing backups.

Next to that much desired robustness for the new data center of Andaltec, new installed infrastructure has endowed the foundation with a flexible system capable of absorbing the possible and very probable extensions that follow, the foundation that will be needed in the future.

Starting Problem

The system of Andaltec consisted of a main data center with an electronic network, servers, and storage capacity of growth supported by the manufacturer.

¨The challenge confronting us was to carry out a project of technological renovation for Andaltec that will ensure the reliability of their data, allow for their current growth and future, and also to ensure the continuity of their daily activities.¨Víctor García Ternero. CEO Wellness Telecom

Proposed solutions

Optimization of the system and network

Main CPD

Implementation of centralized and efficient backups that allow access to the data and a scalable storage system and offer protection against failures

Installation of new infrastructure for virtual servers that can be managed centrally

New computer network for the data center with minimum latencies for interconnection between server infrastructure, storage, and client port multifunction network.

Supporting infrastructure

¨For an organization like ours, information and knowledge are a vital part of our day-to-day. To do this, we have an infrastructure that will help us to transmit, manage, and store that knowledge that is crucial. This is where the solutions from NetApp come, which following the advice form Wellness Telecom, we understood were fundamental to achieve our objectives Alejandro Molina. Department of Engineering at Fundación Andaltec I + i + D.

Benefits from the solution

Centralized management

Integrated system: solution FlexPod (Cisco and NetApp)

Supported for 3 years by manufacturer

Scalability: possibility of enlargement

Easy installment

System storage and virtualization with automatic management of backups

Improvement of performance of servers and services