End-to-end solutions for the IoT

Wellness Telecom is now a leading company in IoT. We work to put at the service of our more than 100 clients technology and telecommunications services solutions covering all its processes and providing greater added value and differentiation to business: Intelligent sensors, Telecommunications and Cloud, Middleware and Apps, Cybersecurity, Big Data and Monitoring.

We operate in two main business lines – Networks, Systems and Cloud and Smart Cities -under a clear international vocation, with projects in more than 50 countries, and innovation as an engine of growth of the company.

From Smart Cities & Wellness Solutions IoT concept we’ve been working in the fields of energy efficiency, the environment and mobility, with more than 5,000 devices operating in 120 Spanish cities years.

The combination and alignment of our know-how in information technology (IT) and operational technologies (OT) have positioned us as a technology company specialist new generation end-to-end solutions for IoT.

We have headquarters in Seville and delegations in Málaga, Almería, Mexico DF and Seattle (USA).

Wellness Telecom, IoT technological solutions to build an improved, more efficient and better comunicated world
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