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Wellness Telecom features success cases at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2018

07-11-2018 | Publicado en Notas de prensa

Seville, November 7th. Wellness Telecom, an IoT technology company leading the way in efficient and sustainable solutions for Smart cities and territories, attends the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Spain from 13 to 15 November at stand 114, Hall 2, Street A, marking its fifth consecutive year as an exhibitor.

Smart City Expo World Congress is an internationally acclaimed Smart City event, drawing visitors and exhibitors from all over the globe and across an array of sectors. This year’s event will focus on five main topics responding to key issues facing cities today: Digital transformation, urban environment, mobility, governance and finance, and inclusive and sharing cities.

“This year at Smart City Expo World Congress we will be focusing on Wellness Telecom’s success cases from over the years, where the company has provided truly innovative solutions and services in the sector. While in the past Smart Cities and Smart Territories were limited to science fiction, they are now a part of everyday life. In fact, they have been reducing costs and optimizing management all over the world in recent years. Wellness Telecom has played a key role in early Smart City projects, standing out from the crowd by providing proprietary technology and products. With extensive experience in the sector, we offer our clients tried and true solutions that are backed by years of successful implementations,” explains David García Ternero, Wellness Telecom CEO.

Next week the company will be presenting their success cases, including an innovative project around Public Safety Management that was carried out during the Holy Week festival in Seville last spring. This local government led project centered on the implementation of a coordinated citizen safety device to prevent incidents and public disturbances in the crowded city center. Integrating multiple systems including a Smart platform, CCTV and streetlights, the city was prepared to react in real-time to any possible incidents. This collaborative project marks the third time Wellness Telecom, CISCO and FERROVIAL have successfully joined forces with other leading technology companies in the sector.

The company does not shy away from challenging projects, and was awarded the unprecedented multi-city, multi-solution tender, Smart Costa del Sol in May (under the initiative). For the first time ever, thirteen cities will come together to implement a complete digital transformation across fifteen areas including Smart City platform, social Wi-Fi, Smart parking, efficient city lighting, energy efficiency, open data portal, citizen app, people flow, and environmental sensors. In the same week, this young, Spanish multinational corporation was also awarded another groundbreaking project in Spain, the VLCi Valencia Smart City tender.

Although Smart City technology implementations typically focus on larger metropolitan areas, smaller towns and cities are also becoming Smart. Wellness Telecom has detected specific needs in small and medium sized cities that are oftentimes not met by out-of-the box Smart City solutions, as was the case in Utrera, Spain. The local government opted for a Smart City transformation, focusing on technologies that would directly enhance quality of life among citizens of the historical city. The implementation of a horizontal city platform places residents at the center of city management and supports active improvement of key citizen services. The first phase of the project, Smart Mobility, aims to tackle existing obstacles around transportation by rolling out the following solutions: route planning, parking optimization, traffic monitoring, taxi and train transportation, and more. Other phases of the project take on additional challenges around the environment, health, education, cultural activities and public safety.

One year ago, Wellness Telecom and Enzen formalized their partnership as part of an ambitious international expansion strategy. Enzen is a global leader in Energy and Utilities sectors, providing strategic consulting, technology, engineering and innovation services for leading businesses, governments, non-governmental organisations and not-for-profits. As a result of this strategic partnership, Wellness Telecom has added offices in Australia, Dubai, India and the United Kingdom.


About Wellness Telecom

Wellness Telecom has had innovation in its DNA since its inception in 2008. In a market of large telecom operators, Wellness Telecom saw a need for an end-to-end solution provider with the agility and expertise required to meet market needs. It evolved from a boutique Telecommunications and IT systems Company into an IoT company with a smart vision focused on efficiency, sustainability and interconnectivity for Smart Cities and Industry 4.0.

The company is passionate about finding sustainable ways to better the world by building improved and secure interconnected ecosystems all based on sound R+D. Wellness Telecom’s dedicated product developers and R+D team have built a vast portfolio of IoT products with embedded cybersecurity. Proprietary solutions in Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Communications and Smart Sensors have been implemented in 100 private companies, 250 cities and 60 countries worldwide.

As part of its ambitious international expansion strategy, Wellness Telecom has partnered with Enzen, a global leader in the Energy and Utilities sectors with presence in more than 12 countries. As a result of this strategic partnership, Wellness Telecom’s offering has expanded to include the unique experience and capabilities that Enzen brings, adding unparalleled value to the company.

Wellness Telecom currently has offices in Spain (Seville, Malaga and Madrid), Germany, Australia, Sweden, Mexico and the United States.


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