Wellness Telecom will participate in two international IEEE events: ISWCS 2017 in August and SoftCom 2017 in September.

Wellness Telecom will soon attend two international events and will present the technical results of its collaboration with two H2020 European projects, i.e. iCIRRUS and ESCUDO-CLOUD. The extended abstracts of both posters will be published in the proceedings.

Wellness Telecom presentation for ICIRRUS at ISWCS 2017

14th International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems

The project iCIRRUS proposes an intelligent Cloud-Radio Access Network (C-RAN) as a combined cloud and radio access solution, focusing on the use of low-cost but highly flexible Ethernet technology and targeting more efficient use of the spectrum resource in access networks. The poster will deal with the mobile cloud network as the backhaul of an efficient 5G intelligent C-RAN and the on-going study of a new tariff for a cloud clone-based service.

The intelligent network functions in iCIRRUS can also interact with mobile cloud processing, and further offloads of infrastructure communications can be performed through virtualizing mobiles in the cloud as clones developed by Wellness Telecom and performing communication tasks between clones, which is a novel area. Clones are instantiations of virtual machines and are created on demand.

About iCIRRUS:  The central aim of the project is to examine the advantages and challenges of bringing an Ethernet-based optical fibre fronthaul to fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks, considering the benefits of such an architecture and its effects on performance on key 5G service aims such as device-to-device (D2D) communications and mobile cloud networking.

More information in the web site: http://www.icirrus-5gnet.eu/

Wellness Telecom presentation for ESCUDO-CLOUD at SoftCom 2017

25th International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks

ESCUDO-CLOUD project provides effective and deployable cloud solutions allowing data owners to maintain control over their data when relying on Cloud Service Providers for data storage, processing, and management, without sacrificing on functionality. Wellness Telecom approach will foster trust in an Elastic secure cloud storage by the implementation of client-side encryption for sensitive data. The poster will deal with the Elastic cloud solution by mainly describing the architecture, the security features and its originality and will present first results, such as the demonstrator and the business opportunity Wellness Telecom pursues.

About ESCUDO-CLOUD: ESCUDO-CLOUD will provide protection guarantees giving the data owners full control over their data in the cloud, while at the same time giving the cloud functionality over them. This goal will be achieved by providing enforceable security, that is, techniques wrapping the data to provide a layer of protection to the eyes of the storing/processing CSP itself, setting the trust boundary at the client side, which means assuming correct and trusted behaviour only by the client. ESCUDO-CLOUD will then allow data owners to outsource their data while maintaining control over them, with the ability to regulate access to them and share them with other users in a selective way and with assurance that their data will remain protected from the CSPs.

More information in the web site: http://www.escudocloud.eu/