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The InnovCare European project develops a platform to extend the autonomy of the elderly and improve their welfare

Spain, Israel, the Netherlands and Norway participate in the design and implementation of the InnovCare project coordinated by Wellness Telecom.

26-10-2016 | Publicado en Notas de prensa


Seven companies from four different countries (Spain, Israel, Norway and the Netherlands) are developing an AAL-European project called “Innovcare – Open ICT platforms and technologies to reduce and prevent social and economic impact of elders’ care”. The aim of InnovCare is to extend the autonomy of the elderly population, improving their physical, mental and emotional well-being through a technology platform that brings together solutions, services and innovative products in the health sector. The system will connect our elders with socio-health professionals and other caregivers, such as family and friends.

The EU population, like that of most other regions of the world, live longer and healthier lives. Since 1960, life expectancy has increased in eight years, and demographic projections forecast a further increase in five years in the next forty years, a truly historic achievement.

However, this means that, together with the low birth rates in recent decades, Europe’s population is rapidly aging, something that is happening around the world with the exception of the poorest countries. In fact, the European Statistics Office projected that by 2060 there will be only two people of working age (15-64) in the EU for every person over 65 years, compared with a ratio of four-to-one today. Indeed, it is expected that the strongest impetus in this direction occurs during the period 2015-35, when the generation of baby boomers, those born in the two post-World War II decades, begin to retire.

The InnovCare platform will draw on information and data coming mainly from personal health records, monitoring of vital signs and physical activity through a “smartwatch”, periodic neurological assessment using a mobile application and videoconferences held with different caregivers and assistants. All information collected will be processed by means of a big data analysis platform, providing social and health professionals with a helpful tool for making informed decisions with simple graphics and charts.

Thus, this project will bring significant benefits to society: healthier, autonomous elderly people feeling more secure, improvements in the use of professional services and resources and reduced unplanned hospital admissions.

The target user groups involved are typically afraid of and reluctant to use technological devices and services. To avoid it, the project has counted on the participation of associations of elderly people and home automation devices’ users from its definition and design stage. Once the InnovCare system is developed, the consortium will carry out usability testing with a group of Dutch pilot users and organize meetings involving elders and caregivers. These first tests are planned for Spring 2017. An improved, full version of the platform will then be used by 60 people in Norway, Israel and the Netherlands during the last months of the project.

Along with Spanish companies Wellness Telecom (in its role as coordinator), ISOIN and Taniwa Health Solutions, the project consortium also includes the international partners LifeOnKey (Israel), Smart Homes (Netherlands), KempenLIFE (Netherlands), Ninthway (Netherlands) and Seniornett (Norway).

The InnovCare project is part of the AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) Program, funded by the European Commission, which aims to improve the quality of life of elderly people through the development and use of sustainable innovative solutions based on information and communication technologies (ICT) that really meet their needs with a multidisciplinary perspective. More information:


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