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Fostering the European marketplace for digital governments

CloudOpting – the European marketplace for digital public services – aims to provide the catalyst for enabling and supporting the myriad benefits of Cloud computing for the public sector.

04-11-2015 | Publicado en Notas de prensa

Envision a future where public services will be provided in an open and dynamic, smartly governed marketplace that relies on innovation, economies of scale and competition so buyers can choose the best provider for their needs.

Governments around the world are implementing strategies to transition to Cloud computing. The unabated benefits brought by the Cloud as one of the latest technical phenomena are numerous: solving tight budgets; delivering improved services to citizens, and lowering barriers to new business innovation. Cloud computing is now an essential component in the optimization of internal processes using shared services, freeing-up resources to invest in more critical areas, and redefying the way public services are delivered to citizens.

CloudOpting – the European marketplace for digital governments and public services – aims to provide the catalyst for enabling and supporting the myriad benefits of Cloud computing for the public sector. CloudOpting is a Cloud-based platform that enables governments and businesses to consume and deliver digital public services in a seamless manner.

The Cloud platform will comprise Cloud infrastructures and tools that will ease public administrations to flexibly and effectively migrate their services to the Cloud. Using the CloudOpting platform, public organizations will be able to “cloudify” their services, but also to adapt and localize “flagship” services that have been successfully deployed by other public administrations in other European countries. These functionalities will greatly benefit public bodies that have no Cloud deployments at all, since CloudOpting will offer them with a readily available bundle of public services that they could directly adopt.

Core concepts of the Cloudopting Marketplace

  • Ensure that citizens, businesses and governments can take advantage of digital progress.
  • Provide a shared platform where digital services can prosper.
  • Fuel competition and drive innovation to constantly provide better services to the community.

CloudOpting aims to provide direct benefits to three key target groups:

  • App developers (aka service providers) by providing them with access to the widest marketplace for public service, quick time-to-market and no infrastructure vendor lock-in.
  • Governments (aka service subscribers) by providing them with a ready-to-use applications catalogue, try-before-you-buy option and performance monitoring ability.
  • Platform providers by giving them the opportunity to operate a Cloud environment where the CloudOpting service catalogue is running.

In addition to these three clusters, CloudOpting will provide indirect benefits to European citizens by offering a wider variety of public services to public administrations, thus people as end-users, and foster their interaction with governing bodies. Indirect benefits will also be provided to value-added resellers as part of the CloudOpting channel network, which will be created with the objective to reach public administrations across the whole of Europe.

About CloudOpting

CloudOpting is a three-year project (2014-2017) accomplished by a pan-European consortium of 9 partners and co-funded by the EU ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP). CloudOpting aims to provide a Cloud-based platform for public administrations to increase digital integration across Europe, whilst also reducing ICT infrastructure and maintenance costs. Three European cities will pilot the experiments developed under the CloudOpting project: Barcelona, Piedmont and Corby.

The project partners are: Barcelona city council, Teamnet, Wellness Telecom, ATOS Worldline, SDG Group, Smart Partners, CSI-Piemonte, Profesia, and Electric Corby.

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