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WT Joins ENTICE Consortium Worth €2.8 Million to Optimize Virtual Machines

ENTICE to simplify the creation of lightweight and highly optimized VM images tuned for functional descriptions of applications

07-04-2015 | Publicado en Notas de prensa

Seville, Spain – 7 April 2015 – Wellness Telecom today announced its involvement in ENTICE, the HORIZON 2020 Research Programme Consortium worth €2.8 Million. ENTICE aims to simplify the creation of lightweight and highly optimized Virtual Machine Images tuned for functional descriptions of applications. The project will automatically decompose and distribute VM images based on multi-objective optimization (performance, economic cost, storage size, and QoS needs) and a knowledge base and reasoning infrastructure to meet application runtime requirements.

Wellness Telecom will take part in the ENTICE project along with the University of Innsbruck, Germany, SZTAKI in Hungary, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Flexiant in UK and DEIMOS in Spain.

David García, CEO of the company said, “One of the main objectives pursued by Service Providers and Cloud Service Providers is the optimization of resources needed for the applications. This is the ultimate goal of ENTICE, optimizing virtual machines images in various aspects, enabling us to reduce the resources used for the services. This feature allows companies to transfer directly this improvement to their client prices enhancing the competitiveness of the company”

The ENTICE project also seeks to research elastic auto-scale applications on cloud resources based on their fluctuating load with optimized VM interoperability across cloud infrastructures and without provider lock-in to finally fulfil the promises that virtualization technology has failed to deliver.

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